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Just when I was gaining momentum too!

It’s like running at high speed then taking an abrupt stop — no cool down whatsoever. It’s crazy! If anything, it’s a surefire recipe for concussions and whatnot. While activities that lead to concussions are generally frowned upon and discouraged, in my home country, The Philippines, we have a saying that goes: “Nauntog ka sa katotohanan.” Loosely translated, it’s about concussions being a trigger for waking up to a massive reality check. I suppose at the time, this is exactly what I needed.

I was running at top speed with no pit stops to refuel or check my engines. Despite…

A.K.A. The Questions Tom Hopkins Leaves Us Asking

I don’t always close the project right away. When I was starting out, I didn’t even know how to begin approaching people for business. In fact, I used to walk away from so many opportunities the moment I smell rejection. Growing out of my own fear of failure, I learned how to win over the most difficult clients by familiarising myself with Tom Hopkins’ Buyer Personas. If you’ve ever encountered your own versions of clients from hell, then it’s highly likely that they are one or a couple hybrids of these Buyer…

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How To Break The Ice & Get To Know Prospects Through A Computer Screen

I used to rely on in person events to help me build my network of clients to help out for business. Much like the rest of us, transitioning online wasn’t that simple. I was lost, trying to find my footing on how to translate the human element of meeting prospects online. How did I translate in person pitches to the digital sphere? Well, I guess I would sum it up with one word — rapport.

Building rapport can be simple and flow more naturally than it appears. You basically approach people with a well-balanced mix of confidence and curiosity, just…

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After being a designer for nearly a decade, I went around asking my former clients turned friends and business owner friends their WORST EXPERIENCES when it comes to working with designers. This way, it could help improve my service and hopefully help other designers do the same. So I went ahead and listed down the common creative personality types and how to handle the disasters of being one or working with one.


I share ideas that help you get smarter at making a business using your own talent & skills. Conversion Designer (

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